Thursday, January 19, 2012

new brush

I found two new brushes today while i was goin to art supply with my friend, and i bought them >3<
i'v been seaching the big brush like this, but I just found it today XDDD , and the other brush just look so beautifull coz it's transparance, looks like it made by acrylic

Friday, January 13, 2012

Waiting for you artwork

I paint an art today and tittled it "Waiting for you". I used photo reference for the Background. Here's the WIP. You can see i used Maskin' Fluid to make some light effect especially the flowers. i'm to lazy too made the detail so the background looks messy enough =_=a

Here's the result after i scaned it and edited it in Photoshop :
My Pallet :

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my watercolor's tool

it's almost 4 year that i'v use watercolor, from the start i have no idea about watercolors's tool, but as long as time goes by, i start to collect some brushes, here's my watercolor stuff :)

i used Reves watercolor in the first, but i changed it to Cotman from Winsor & Newton coz' i'm not really compatible with it >,<

Painting book

i found this painting book a long time ago, this book's great and so help to make some watercolor affect :)